Jun 13, 2017

Houdini | Redshift : Volume Rendering From Volume VOP

Left image is Mantra render, right is Redshift render. Mantra render time was 1m32s, Redshift render time was 10s.

I usually use stopped smoke from Volume VOP. Then I have to do the making on Redshift, but It has several problems in Redshift Light settings.

Jan 18, 2017


I directed computer graphics in HARAJUKU IYAHOI. I made that with Houdini.
Thanks for all staff of CG part. So hard project and very tired.

In the future, I want to explain making by Houdini. Please wait a moment now.

Jan 9, 2017

Houdini | CHOP : .chan data file for Nuke

I could output ".chan data" to nuke for converting animation data. Houdini is able to output data so easily. Then the data could come and go Houdini to Nuke.😃